I move. Therefore I am.

What is so powerful about movement to me?

Why do I end up mentioning movement every single day of my life?

Movement is my core value. Movement is at the core of my being. I couldn't live without movement. In the mere act of breathing, there is movement. I inhale. I exhale. I speak. I smile. I breathe. Breath is movement. Movement is breath.

I love dancing. Dancing is therapeutic. My body purifies itself of tension. Of negativity. When I dance, my chest opens up. I receive. My whole body smiles. I am healing. I am alive.

Fitness. Dancing. Child play. Laughter. Movement is physical. It is also mental. Energetic. Emotional. Energy in MOTION. Change. Growth. Aliveness. Even in 'stillness', the body's cells regenerate. The body is made of energy. Movement is cellular. I AM movement.

Movement is Expression. Creativity. Communication. Connection.

How is movement significant to my daily existence?

Movement drives my life every day. Every moment. Movement defines my life; what unfolds from one moment to the next. Movement shapes who I am becoming. Movement is the actions I am taking and through which I transform myself and others. Movement is giving. It is an act of generosity. Movement is TRANSFORMATION and empowerment. Movement is the antidote to inertia, inactivity, laziness, negativity, comparison and blame.

Movement takes me away from ‘perfectionism’, which is “fear dressed up in high-heels”(Gilbert, 2015). In fact, the very action of publishing this article is a little rebellion against 'perfectionism'; I do it in honor of my authentic self and as a tribute to my own voice. It feels great!

So... Movement is not just what I 'do'. It is not only about the dancing and the workouts and the activities I practice. Not just a core value. Not just a passion for me.  It doesn't just make me happy. It doesn't just 'add' aliveness to my existence. It doesn't just make my life better. It is not just 'part of' my essence as a person.

Movement is, indeed, LIFE itself!

 What about you? What is movement to you?


Note - Sept 2015: This is an adaptation of a short speech I had originally delivered at a workshop I took a few weeks ago. Writing about movement doesn't do it justice; it has to be delivered, tasted, experienced, felt and lived. I still wanted to share it with you until, perhaps one day, I can convert it into a Podcast. Until then, I hope this piece successfully 'moves' something within you...

Gilbert, E. (2015). Big magic: Creative living beyond fear. Riverhead Books.

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