The 2019 Ultimate Freedom Summit

This Summit is a springboard for you to FREE yourself as a:

Person, Partner, Parent & Professional


            1. the limitations of weakness

            2. the shackles of failure

            3. the pains of parenting

            4. the weight game, and... 

            5. the prison of trauma

Created & Moderated by Sonia Elhaj Coaching

Expert Interview I

Amanda Tinnin, MA. PCI. CEO.

Guiding parents to free themselves of their main stressors to become the  respectful leaders, team builders,  and co-creators of their unique family system.

Janine Wirth, HP Psych. ARTT. CCHT.

Freeing women from the burden of unresolved past trauma and guiding them in healing the pains of PTSD.

Expert Interview III
Expert Interview II

Dove Corrigan, CPCC. SSCC.

Learning to love your strengths and freeing yourself from the obsession of weakness

Janine Wirth, HP Psych, ARTT, CCHT

Freeing women from the burden of unresolved past trauma and guiding them in healing the pains of PTSD.

Sadaf Khwaja, MBA. MEd. Master NLP. 

How to claim your role as a Parent, release the challenges and free yourself from the pains of raising your teen!  

Expert Interview IV
Expert Interview V

Clarabel Sage, CHC. INHC. SLC. M.Fin. BCom. BSc.


Helping high-achievers re-define success, free themselves from fear of failure, and learn to embrace failure as an invaluable learning opportunity.

Ghada Khalifeh, CPCC. AC. RD. BCC.

Freeing yourself from the weight game.

Completion & Celebration 

Expert Interview VI

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